Immerse yourself in our refined collection of sapphireearrings, an ode to elegance and mystery. Each pair, whether sculpted in luminous silver, shimmering vermeil or pure 9- and 18-carat gold, is the fruit of artisanal craftsmanship combining old-world finesse with contemporary nuance.

Each earring has been imagined to celebrate today's woman, both classic and daring. Whether chosen to mark a special occasion or to sublimate everyday life, our collection promises to envelop every ear in incomparable sapphire brilliance, capturing the very essence of celestial beauty. 

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Sapphire earrings

Discover our sapphire earrings

Discover our collection of sapphire earrings for timeless elegance. Each pair is imagined to magnify today's bold, sophisticated woman. Whether they adorn your ears to symbolize deep love, celebrate a milestone achievement or simply express your unique individuality, our collection is guaranteed to bring a touch of enchantment to every moment.

Shanti baguette sapphire earrings

Explore the Timeless Elegance of Mayuri Sapphire Earrings

Welcome to our world of elegance and natural beauty. At Mayuri, we are proud to present an exceptional collection of sapphire earrings, a true ode to grace, elegance and sophistication. Our Mayuri sapphire earrings captivate the eye with their deep, rich color, ranging from shades of celestial blue to the velvety hues of a starry night.

Let your gaze wander among our innovative, timeless designs. Our sapphires, carefully chosen for their depth of color and brilliance, are revealed in a variety of forms: from discreet earrings for a touch of everyday sophistication, to majestic creoles, evoking grandeur and panache.

Choose Eternity with our Sapphire Earrings

Our Mayuri sapphire earrings go beyond being mere fashion accessories. They are jewels that transcend ephemeral trends, offering timeless beauty that you can cherish for generations to come.

An Eclectic Collection for Every Style

Whether you're looking for sapphire earrings for a casual look or a special occasion, our collection offers a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary. You're sure to find the perfect pair to complement your unique style.

When to wear sapphire earrings

Sapphire earrings are a timeless accessory that can be worn with confidence on many occasions, adding a touch of refinement and beauty to your appearance. Whether celebrating love, achievement or life in general, sapphires shine with their own brilliance and recall the timeless beauty of the gemstone.

Here are just a few of the occasions when sapphire earrings can make a statement:

Wedding and engagement

Sapphires are often associated with eternal love and fidelity, making them a popular choice for weddings and proposals. Sapphire earrings can add a touch of sophistication to a wedding outfit.

Elegant evenings 

 For formal evenings, galas or gala dinners, sapphire earrings can be the perfect complement to an evening gown. Their luxurious sparkle attracts attention and adds a touch of glamour.


 Sapphires are the birthstone of September, making them a meaningful birthday gift. Giving sapphire earrings to someone born that month is a way of celebrating their birth.

Business events 

Sapphire earrings can also be worn at professional events, such as important meetings or conferences. They add a touch of confidence and elegance to your outfit.

Cocktails and nightlife 

For a night out with friends, a cocktail party or a night on the town, sapphire earrings can be the perfect choice. They enhance your style without overdoing it.

Special gifts 

Finally, sapphire earrings are a precious gift to mark special occasions such as wedding anniversaries, professional achievements or simply to show your love and appreciation for someone dear.

Sapphire chips and creoles: which to choose?

The choice between earrings and sapphire hoop earrings depends on your personal style, the occasion and your jewelry preference.

Sapphire earrings :

Ear chips are small earrings that attach directly to the earlobe. They are discreet and elegant, ideal for a more sober, formal look. Sapphire chips are perfect for everyday use, or for events where you want to remain discreet while adding a touch of color and elegance to your outfit. They're also well-suited to multiple pierced ears, allowing you to layer other ear jewelry if you wish.

Sapphire hoop earrings :

Creoles are circular or semi-circular earrings that can vary in size from small to large. They are more visible and daring than ear chips.
Sapphire creoles are excellent for more festive occasions, nights out or events where you want to draw attention to your ears.
They can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your look, especially if paired with other matching jewelry, such as a sapphire necklace or bracelet.

Baguette sapphire hoop earrings

How to combine sapphire earrings

The art of combining sapphire earrings with other elements of your look lies in your personal creativity. Don't be afraid to experiment and find combinations that appeal to you and make you look your best. They can be worn with both casual and formal outfits. For casual wear, opt for simpler earrings. For a formal occasion, more sophisticated earrings will do. For example, you can combine Yatra sapphire hoop earrings with Ujala sapphire earrings or adopt a more discreet look with Radha Sapphire earrings earrings paired with Devi Sapphire earrings. Sapphire earrings adapt to every facet of your life, shaping to your whims and revealing your true radiance. So let your creativity flow, dare bold combinations and fearlessly explore the infinite possibilities of these versatile gems.

Autumn: the season of choice for sapphire earrings

Sapphire earrings can be worn in any season, but are particularly in tune with the autumn season. The deep blue of sapphire recalls the changing hues of the autumn sky, shifting from luminous azure to deeper shades as winter approaches. What's more, sapphire's timeless elegance perfectly complements the warm, rich color palettes typical of autumn outfits. However, sapphire is versatile enough to enhance a light summer outfit, add a splash of color to a winter wardrobe or brighten up spring shades. All in all, while sapphire earrings are particularly at home in autumn, their beauty and sparkle make them suitable for all seasons and occasions.

Sapphire earrings: Stories and legends

Selection Criteria

Sapphire earrings, adorned with this deep, bewitching blue stone, captivate the eye and evoke a sense of royalty. Sapphire, often dubbed "the jewel of kings", bears witness to regal elegance and a prestigious history. As one of the five most exceptional gemstones in the world, it has been surrounded by an aura of mystery and nobility since antiquity. Ancient civilizations valued sapphire not only for its unrivalled beauty, but also for its supposed protective powers. In earrings, the deep blue of sapphire, reminiscent of the sky, lends the wearer an aura of wisdom, purity and timeless elegance.

Artisanat d'Excellence en Haute Joaillerie

Each pair of Mayuri sapphire earrings is a work of art meticulously designed and crafted by our expert artisans. We use only the highest quality sapphires, combined with precious metals, to create pieces that stand out for their brilliance and eternal splendor.

Exceptional Customer Experience

At Mayuri, your satisfaction is our priority. We offer a personalized customer experience, ensuring that every purchase becomes a memorable experience, and every pair of Mayuri sapphire earrings becomes an unforgettable treasure.

Explore Our Sapphire Earrings Collection

We invite you to explore our collection of Mayuri sapphire earrings and be enchanted by their beauty. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your everyday life or give an exceptional gift, our sapphire earrings are the perfect choice.

Buy Sapphire earrings from Mayuri

We invite you to plunge into a world of dazzling beauty and environmental responsibility, where each piece of jewelry tells a story and is much more than just an adornment. Mayuri's sapphire earrings embody the perfect harmony between luxury and sustainability. Our bewitchingly beautiful sapphires, with their deep, captivating hues, are carefully selected for their exceptional quality and ethical origin. Each gem tells a story and respects the planet and its inhabitants. At Mayuri, we are proud of our commitment to eco-responsible manufacturing. Our jewelry is designed with an ecological approach, using recycled and eco-friendly materials, allowing you to shine while taking care of our beautiful planet.

Choosing sapphire earrings: Advice and recommendations

Choosing the right sapphire earrings can really complete your look and express your personal style. Here are a few tips and recommendations to help you make the right choice:

When choosing earrings, consider many factors to ensure that they blend harmoniously with your style and needs.

First of all, think about your everyday style of dress. Are you more casual, classic, bohemian or daring? This introspection will help you define the general aesthetic you're looking for.

Next, consider your face shape, an often overlooked element. The shape of your face can influence your choice of earrings. For example, if you have a round face, dangling earrings can help visually elongate your face, while ear chips can soften the angles of a more angular face.

Also consider the occasion for which you'll be wearing these sapphire earrings. Formal events often call for discreet, elegant earrings that blend in with your outfit, such as Prana Saphir earrings or Sumitra Saphir ear rings. On the other hand, for a night out with friends, you can opt for bolder earrings that add a touch of glamour, such as Yatra Sapphire earrings or Jivane Saphir earrings.

The choice of metal is another key point. Make sure you choose a metal that won't cause allergies or skin irritation. Gold, sterling silver and platinum are common and durable options.

Coordination with other jewelry is important to create a harmonious ensemble. Make sure your earrings match necklaces, bracelets and rings for a cohesive look.

In summary, the choice of the ideal earrings is based on a series of considerations, from your personal style to the shape of your face, the occasion, the type of metal, coordination with other jewelry and the care required. By taking all these elements into account, you can find sapphire earrings that will enhance your beauty while reflecting your individuality.

Join the Timeless Universe of Mayuri Sapphire

Let every day become a singular celebration as we plunge into the timeless abyss of Mayuri sapphire, where beauty frees itself from time to embrace eternity.

Sapphire hoop earrings

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