Discover our line of fine necklaces made of natural gemstones with a timeless design.
All our pieces are handmade and in limited quantities.

Our fine gemstone necklaces

Discover our line of fine necklaces made of natural gemstones with a timeless design. All our pieces are handmade and in limited quantities.

Necklaces in 18K Gold Vermeil set with black diamonds
Necklaces in 18K Gold Vermeil set with white diamonds and rubies
Necklaces in 18K Gold Vermeil set with white diamonds and emeralds
Ujala Sapphire Emerald necklace

Different types of necklaces

In this exploration of the different types of necklace, we delve into a world where jewelry creativity meets the diversity of individual preferences. Whether you're looking for a bold statement, classic elegance or specific meaning, each type of necklace is a unique piece that enriches our appearance while adding a meaningful touch to our visual identity. Necklacesthese exquisite pieces that rest gracefully around our necks, are much more than mere fashion accessories. Let's discover together the infinite variety of these jewels that transcend mere adornment to become intimate expressions of style and meaning.

Thin necklaces

Ujala, Nadi and Devi fine necklaces embody the very essence of delicacy and sophistication. Each piece in this collection reflects an unwavering commitment to subtle elegance and refined craftsmanship, offering a diverse range to suit every style and occasion.

1) Ujala: The Ujala collection of fine necklaces offers pure simplicity and timeless beauty. Precious metals, whether fine gold or vermeil, are skillfully crafted to create delicate chains and minimalist pendants, adding a touch of grace to every wear.

2) Devi: The fine necklaces in the Devi collection are distinguished by their timeless elegance. The central colored stone accompanied by a small sparkling diamond create pieces that are perfectly suited to any occasion. Whether for everyday wear or a special evening, the Devi collection offers elegant and versatile options.

3) Nadi : The Nadi collection of fine necklaces skilfully blends tradition and modernity. Delicate motifs inspired by ancient art are combined with contemporary designs, creating necklaces that are both classic and on-trend. Finely crafted details add a touch of sophistication to each creation.

Selected for their enduring brilliance and exceptional quality, the precious metals used in these collections, such as fine gold and vermeil, embody excellence. Each necklace is the result of meticulous design, reflecting an ongoing commitment to the pursuit of perfection and artistic expression.

Wearing a fine necklace from Ujala, Nadi or Devi adds a touch of grace to your style. Explore these exceptional collections, where each fine necklace becomes a statement of understated sophistication, a jewel that elegantly transcends the ages.

Solitaire necklaces

The Indrani and Shanti solitaire necklaces are captivating symbols of sophistication and timeless brilliance. Each of these necklaces embodies the essence of minimalist elegance, showcasing a single gemstone carefully selected for its purity and exceptional beauty.

1) Indrani: The Indrani collection of solitaire necklaces collection presents creations that combine simplicity with splendor. Each necklace is adorned with a central princess-cut gemstone, be it a dazzling diamond, a deep sapphire or a luminous emerald. These pieces are designed to evoke grace and elegance at every moment.

2) Shanti: Shanti solitaire necklaces solitaire necklaces celebrate peace and inner beauty through pure designs and gemstones of rare quality. Adorned with a single baguette-cut center stone, these necklaces emphasize simplicity with quiet sophistication, adding a touch of subtle sparkle to your look.

Each solitaire necklace from Indrani and Shanti is meticulously crafted with precious metals, such as fine gold or sterling silver, to create pieces that transcend ephemeral trends. The exceptional quality of the materials combined with refined craftsmanship ensures that each solitaire necklace becomes a precious, timeless and meaningful piece.

When you wear a solitaire necklace from Indrani or Shanti, you are making a statement of grace and pure beauty. Explore these remarkable collections, where each solitaire necklace embodies dazzling simplicity, capturing the essence of timeless elegance...

Solitaire necklace Sapphire White gold
Ruby geometric necklace

Geometric necklaces

The Alma and Baghya geometric necklaces are exceptional pieces that celebrate the bold fusion of art and geometry. Each of these necklaces embodies a modern, avant-garde aesthetic, transforming geometric shapes into striking works of art.

1) Alma: The Alma collection of geometric necklaces collection offers a contemporary interpretation of geometry. Clean shapes and sleek lines combine to create pieces that embody modernity with an artistic touch. These necklaces are designed to captivate the eye and add a dose of modern flair to your style.

2) Baghya: The geometric necklaces in the Baghya collection collection evoke architectural elegance and innovative design. Intricate shapes and interwoven geometric patterns create necklaces that capture the imagination. Each piece is a visual statement, combining geometric ingenuity and sophistication.

These geometric necklaces are crafted with high-quality precious metals, such as fine gold and sterling silver, to ensure durability and brilliance. Every detail is carefully crafted, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to artisanal excellence and innovative design.

When you wear a geometric necklace from Alma or Baghya, you're taking a contemporary approach to elegance. Explore these exceptional collections, where each geometric necklace becomes a work of art in its own right, adding a modern, avant-garde dimension to your personal expression of beauty.

Ruby necklaces

Embodying dazzling splendor and timeless elegance, ruby necklaces are true gems. With their deep red color and bewitching aura, rubies have long symbolized passion, love and luxury. Adding a touch of daring glamour to any collection, ruby necklaces stand out as must-have jewelry pieces.

Every ruby necklace is a precious work of art, sublimating the natural beauty of these exceptional stones. Meticulously set in precious metals such as gold or platinum, rubies capture the light captivatingly, creating an irresistible sparkle.

Whether in the form of a delicate pendant, a geometric necklace or a sophisticated chain, the ruby necklace offers a variety of designs to suit all tastes and occasions. These remarkable jewels can be worn with elegance for everyday wear or reserved for special moments, showcasing their vibrant brilliance.

Beyond being mere fashion accessories, ruby necklaces take on a deeper meaning, symbolizing power, passion and prestige. Whether you opt for a classic or contemporary design, a ruby necklace represents a timeless investment in enduring elegance and beauty.
Explore the ruby necklace collection and let yourself be seduced by the richness and splendor of these dazzling red jewels.

Sapphire necklaces

Embodying regal sophistication and timeless beauty, necklaces adorned with sapphire stand out as exceptional jewels. Sapphires, in captivating hues ranging from deep blue to sky blue, lend a touch of luxury to any jewelry collection, captivating the eye.

Each masterpiece among sapphire necklaces highlights the richness of carefully selected sapphires, skillfully set in precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold or platinum. From delicate necklaces to more opulent pieces, the diversity of designs offers options to suit every occasion and style.

Symbols of elegance and fidelity, sapphires lend necklaces a timeless aura and sophistication that transcend the ages. Whether as pendants, chains or twisted necklaces, each creation pays homage to the natural beauty of sapphires, underscored by a magnificent sparkle.

Dressing a necklace in sapphire goes beyond mere adornment; it's a statement of refined style and exquisite taste. Whether you're looking for a subtle jewel for an everyday occasion or a majestic piece for a special event, sapphire necklaces offer a timeless elegance that never fails to inspire admiration.

Explore our collection of sapphire necklaces and immerse yourself in the sumptuous world of these dazzling blue gems. Each sapphire necklace is a precious work of art, evoking royal splendor and adding a touch of magnificence to your ensemble.

Emerald necklaces

Evoking a mystical, luxurious aura, emerald necklaces captivate the imagination with their deep, bewitching green glow. Symbols of renewal and prosperity, emeralds are gems imbued with symbolism and exceptional natural beauty. Going beyond ephemeral trends, emerald necklaces are distinguished by a classic elegance that fits perfectly into any collection.

Every expression of refinement in an emerald necklace highlights the vibrancy of these delicate gemstones, artfully integrating them into elaborate designs. Carefully set in precious metals such as gold or vermeil, these necklaces catch the light in a way that accentuates the natural richness of emeralds.

Designs range from classic to contemporary among emerald necklaces, offering a range to suit every taste. Whether an elegant pendant, a delicate chain or a more intricate piece, each creation reflects the uniqueness of the stone and the craftsmanship that enhances it.

Wearing an emerald necklace thus becomes a style statement that transcends the ages, adding a touch of exoticism and sophistication to your look. Whether for a special evening or simply to bring everyday elegance, emerald necklaces are jewels that stand the test of time, testifying to timeless elegance.

Explore our collection of emerald necklaces and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of these green gemstones. Each emerald necklace represents a celebration of nature, color and grace, adding a touch of luxury to your ensemble.

Diamond necklaces

Diamond necklaces embody the pinnacle of elegance, sophistication and timeless brilliance. Diamonds, symbols of purity and durability, lend these sets a timeless aura and a beauty that transcends the ages. Each diamond, rigorously selected for its exceptional quality, is meticulously set in precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Offering a diversity of designs from classic models to contemporary creations, these necklaces enable everyone to find a piece that matches their unique style.

Versatile, diamond necklaces can be adapted to any occasion, whether for a special event, an elegant evening or simply to enhance your everyday style. From simple solitaires to multi-row necklaces, each creation is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and jewelry excellence.

Wearing a diamond necklace is more than just an ornament; it's wearing a piece that symbolizes love, purity and indefectibility. Whether you opt for a classic or modern design, a diamond necklace remains a timeless statement of sophistication that remains etched in the memory.

Explore our collection of diamond necklaces and discover the incomparable brilliance of these sparkling gems. Each diamond necklace is a celebration of beauty, rarity and grace, adding a touch of eternity to your ensemble.

Nadi Diamond Necklace

Black diamond necklaces

Black diamond necklaces boldly celebrate dark elegance and mysterious sophistication, uniting the rarity of black diamonds with a timeless sparkle that captivates the eye and adds a touch of mystery to any adornment.

Each black diamond, carefully selected for its uniqueness and deep brilliance, is meticulously set in precious metals such as white gold or platinum. Offering a variety of designs, from classic creations to contemporary models, necklaces adorned with black diamonds enable everyone to find a piece that reflects their distinctive style.

Going beyond convention, these necklaces offer a daring alternative to traditional diamonds, captivating with their distinctive aura and mysterious elegance, perfect for special occasions or to express individual style on a daily basis.

Wearing a necklace adorned with black diamonds becomes a statement of originality and sophistication. Whether a delicate piece or an imposing creation, these necklaces add a fascinating dimension to your jewelry collection, capturing the essence of modern chic and elegant mystery.

Explore the collection of necklaces adorned with black diamonds and plunge into the bewitching universe of these dark gems, a bold style statement, a declaration of refinement seducing with its unique allure and unalterable charm.

Ruby Nadi Necklace

When to wear necklaces?

Necklaces are accessories that add a touch of elegance and style to any outfit. Whether discreet or bold, necklaces can be chosen according to the occasion. Here are a few suggestions for wearing necklaces in different situations, along with steps for choosing the ideal necklace:

1) Everyday: For everyday wear, choose simple, lightweight necklaces. Thin necklaces in silver or gold are perfect for a touch of sophistication in everyday wear.

2) Professional : For professional wear, opt for necklaces that complement your professional attire. Delicate necklaces or fine chains can add a subtle note of elegance to the professional environment.

3) Formal events: For your formal events, choose elaborate necklaces that complement your evening dress. Pendant necklaces or diamond necklaces can be elegant choices for formal occasions.

4) Special celebrations: For a special celebration, such as a birthday, wedding or family gathering: opt for meaningful or personalized necklaces. Necklaces with engraved pendants, birthstones or special symbols can be perfect for unique moments.

5) Casual occasions: For a casual occasion, choose fun, casual necklaces like our geometric necklaces.

6) Sports activities : We don't recommend wearing necklaces during sports activities. They should be removed and stored carefully to avoid snags and prevent sweat from oxidizing your silver necklaces.

Whatever the occasion, necklaces can be key pieces that add a distinctive touch to your style. Choose them according to the situation, your own style and le