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Discover the exceptional brilliance of our ruby necklaces from Mayuri, a collection that fuses traditional refinement with contemporary design. Each piece is an invitation to plunge into the fascinating world of rubies, gems steeped in history and passion. Explore our exquisite selection of necklaces, each telling a unique story of eternal beauty.

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Our Ruby Necklaces

Discover our ruby necklaces, where exceptional ruby quality meets elite craftsmanship, creating jewelry that transcends time and adds a royal touch to every moment. 

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The Exquisite Radiance of Mayuri Ruby Necklaces

Mayuri ruby necklaces embody the very essence of elegance and refinement. Each piece is meticulously crafted to reflect the timeless beauty of these dazzling gems.

The collection features a variety of models, from classic designs to contemporary creations, each necklace a work of art in itself.What sets our ruby necklaces apart is the exceptional quality of the stones.

At Mayuri, we pay particular attention to the rigorous selection of rubies, favoring gems of intense color and exceptional purity. Combined with precious metals such as gold or platinum, these gemstones create necklaces that transcend ephemeral trends, becoming iconic pieces to be cherished for generations to come.

Whether you opt for a classic ruby necklace, highlighted by a sleek design, or a more contemporary piece, featuring artistic elements, every Mayuri necklace tells a unique story. It's the perfect expression of the passion, vitality and protection that rubies have symbolized for centuries.

Wearing a Mayuri ruby necklace goes beyond adornment. It's putting on a piece charged with meaning, a declaration of your love for the exceptional. Explore our collection and discover how our ruby necklaces can add a royal and timeless touch to every special moment of your life.

The History of Ruby Necklaces

The history of ruby necklaces dates back to time immemorial, evoking a mystical tale woven of romance, symbolic power and intrigue. Rubies, with their intense scarlet glow, have always held a deep fascination for mankind, capturing the imagination and becoming symbols of prestige and passion.These precious red gems have a long history of association with royalty. Monarchs and aristocrats often chose rubies to adorn their crowns, necklaces and other finery, giving these gems an aura of power and status. The vibrant color of rubies has been interpreted as a symbol of courage, strength and protection, reinforcing their appeal to elites from different cultures down the centuries.
Beyond their link to royalty, ruby necklaces carry a profound meaning of passion and love. The intense red hue is often associated with the fire of passion and the burning energy of true love. As such, ruby necklaces become magnificent expressions of passionate feelings, making them gifts imbued with romance and symbolism.

Significance of Ruby Necklaces

At the heart of rubies' dazzling beauty lies a profound meaning, making these red gems much more than mere ornaments. Universal symbols of passionate love, vitality and protection, ruby necklaces transcend cultural boundaries to become powerful expressions of timeless feelings and values. Universal symbols of passionate love, vitality and protection, ruby necklaces transcend cultural boundaries to become powerful expressions of timeless feelings and values.Passionate love is one of the most predominant meanings associated with rubies. Their deep red hue evokes the burning flame of passion, symbolizing passionate love and deep commitment.

In addition to their link with love, rubies also carry a connotation of vitality and energy. The intense red color is often associated with the fire of life, inner strength and vitality. Wearing a ruby necklace can be interpreted as a way of boosting personal vitality, channeling positive energy and strengthening determination in the challenges of everyday life.

Ruby Necklace Symbols

Ruby necklaces carry symbols rich in meaning, steeped in history and tradition. Here are just a few of the symbols associated with ruby necklaces:

Symbol of Passionate Love: Ruby is often considered the stone of passionate love. Its intense red color evokes the passion and fire of love. A ruby necklace can symbolize romantic commitment, shared passion and ardent love.
Symbol of Life Force and Vitality: In many cultures, ruby is associated with life force and vitality. Its deep red hue is often linked to blood, symbolizing the life that flows through the veins. A ruby necklace can be worn as a talisman to enhance vitality and energy.
Symbol of Protection: Historically, ruby has been considered a stone of protection. It was thought to protect its wearer from dangers, negative forces and malevolent influences. A ruby necklace can be worn as a symbol of protection, bringing security and peace of mind.
Symbol of Passion and Perseverance: The vibrant color of ruby is associated with passion and perseverance. A ruby necklace can symbolize the passionate pursuit of goals, the determination to overcome obstacles and the inner strength needed to persevere through difficult times.
Symbol of Royalty and Power: Historically, rubies have been regarded as gems associated with royalty and power. Kings and queens often wore rubies as a symbol of their status and power. A ruby necklace can evoke regal elegance and inner strength.
Symbol of Prosperity and Abundance: Some consider rubies to be a symbol of prosperity and abundance. It is believed to attract wealth and success. A ruby necklace can be worn as a talisman to attract prosperity into the wearer's life.

Wearing a ruby necklace goes beyond mere aesthetics. It's a way of engaging with profound symbols that may have significant personal or cultural meaning. Whether celebrating love, strength, protection or prosperity, a ruby necklace is a statement of symbolism and timeless beauty.

Embellish your look with our ruby necklaces

Ruby necklaces are more than just jewelry; they're declarations of passion, love and daring. The vibrant hue of rubies embodies strength and vitality, adding a touch of dynamism to every outfit. Whether you're looking for a striking piece for a special occasion or simply want to add a touch of color to your everyday look, our ruby necklaces are the perfect answer.

How to Wear a Ruby Necklace

Wearing a ruby necklace is a bold statement that adds a touch of elegance and passion to your style. Here are some detailed tips on how to wear a ruby necklace with elegance:

En Pièce Maîtresse: If your ruby necklace is imposing or has a significant pendant, it can be worn alone as a centerpiece. Opt for simpler, single-color outfits to highlight the dazzling stone.
With a Deep Décolleté: Ruby necklaces pair beautifully with plunging necklines. Let the stone rest delicately on your skin to create an impressive visual impact.
Juxtaposedwith Other Necklaces: For a trendy look, layer your ruby necklace with other, more delicate necklaces. Make sure the lengths are well balanced to avoid a cluttered look. For example, pair the Nadi necklace with the Devi necklace, or the Bhagya necklace with the Shanti necklaceContrast with simple outfits: Rubies are vibrant stones that stand out beautifully against simple, neutral outfits. Opt for plain dresses or blouses to highlight the ruby's colorful brilliance.
With Complementary Colors: If you want to add a touch of color to your outfit, choose clothes in hues that complement the ruby's color. Colors like white, black, navy and gray bring out the vibrancy of rubies.
For Special Occasions: A ruby necklace is ideal for special occasions. It lends a sophisticated, glamorous note to events such as galas, weddings or society soirees.
With tied-back hair: Wear your ruby necklace with tied-back hair to highlight the jewel's beauty at the neck. This also highlights the clasp or pendant detail.
Balance with Simple Earrings: If your necklace is imposing, balance the look by wearing simpler earrings. This allows your ruby necklace to remain the centerpiece of your ensemble.

By following these tips, you'll be able to wear your ruby necklace with confidence, whether for an elegant evening, a special day or simply to add a touch of luxury to your everyday outfit. Express your bold style and bring out the passion of rubies with elegance.

How to match a Ruby pendant to your outfit?

The Perfect Match between a Ruby Pendant and Your Outfit
:The judicious choice of a ruby pendant can transform your appearance, adding a touch of sophistication and sparkle to your outfit. Here are a few details on how to create a harmonious match between your ruby pendant and your clothing style:

1.Choosing a ruby pendant: Select a ruby pendant that matches your personal style. Options range from classic designs to more contemporary creations, each capturing the unique brilliance of this gemstone.
2. Pendant Size and Shape: Consider the size and shape of the pendant according to your body type and style. A more discreet pendant can be elegant for everyday wear, while a more imposing design can be reserved for special occasions.
3.Outfit colors: To bring out the vibrant color of ruby, opt for neutral-toned outfits. Colors such as white, black, beige or gray provide an ideal backdrop, allowing the ruby pendant to shine like a brilliant work of art.
4.Clothing style: adapt the style of the pendant to the occasion and your outfit. A classic ruby pendant can be perfect for everyday wear, while a more elaborate design can be a captivating choice for formal events.
5.Complementary materials: Consider the precious metals in the pendant and how they match other accessories you wear, such as earrings or bracelets. Gold, silver or platinum can all create elegant combinations with a ruby pendant.
6. Styling and framing: The way you wear your hair can also influence how the pendant looks. Hairstyles that release the neck, such as chignons, allow the ruby pendant to take center stage.
7. Occasions and seasons : Adapt your choice according to the occasion. A ruby pendant can be an elegant everyday accessory, but also a splendid complement for more formal occasions. Consider the season, too, and adjust your choice accordingly.

By mastering the art of coordinating your ruby pendant with your outfit, you'll create a visual harmony that enhances the timeless beauty of this gemstone. It's a subtle and elegant way to express your style while highlighting the passion and unique brilliance of ruby.

Which jewels to match your necklace with?

Matching your ruby necklace with other jewelry is a subtle way to accentuate its elegance and create a harmonious ensemble. Here are a few tips for choosing the jewelry that will perfectly complement your ruby necklace:

Ruby Earrings:Ruby earrings are a classic choice to accompany a necklace of the same stone. Opt for pendants or studs, depending on your personal preference.
Ruby ring: A matching ruby ring creates an elegant visual continuity. Whether it's a solitaire ring, a wedding band or a ring adorned with several rubies, it reinforces the theme and aesthetic of your ensemble.
Ruby Bracelet:A ruby bracelet can be a refined touch to complete the ensemble. Choose a design that highlights the stone while remaining consistent with the style of your necklace.
Ruby Pendant: If your necklace is rather simple, a ruby pendant can be a discreet way to add an extra touch of this vibrant stone to your ensemble.
Avoid Overload: If you opt for additional ruby jewelry, make sure you don't overload your look. Choose pieces that complement each other without being overpowering.
Precious metal: Be sure to coordinate the precious metals in your jewelry. Rubies go well with yellow gold, white gold or platinum, offering a palette of choices to create a harmonious ensemble.
Neutral Tonesin Clothes: If you're wearing neutral-toned clothing, this provides an ideal backdrop for showcasing rubies. Ruby jewelry will stand out more against more subdued shades.

The aim is to create a coordinated ensemble that highlights the beauty of the rubies without being overpowering. By playing with different types of ruby jewelry, you can personalize your ensemble to match your individual style while expressing the richness and passion of rubies.

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Wearing Ruby Necklaces through the Seasons

Wearing ruby necklaces throughout the seasons is an exquisite way to capture the timeless brilliance of these vibrant gemstones. Rubies, with their warm hue, add a touch of elegance and passion to every season of the year.

In Winter:Ruby necklaces evoke warmth and richness that perfectly match the winter atmosphere. Wear them to brighten gray days and add a festive glow to your winter outfits. Rubies, paired with cozy sweaters and elegant coats, create a magnificent contrast, evoking the warmth of an open fire in a snowy landscape.

In Spring:In spring, ruby necklaces harmonize with the rebirth of nature. Their intense brilliance blends perfectly with light outfits and pastel colors. Rubies add a vibrant touch to your spring looks, evoking the blossoming passion and renewed energy of the season.

In Summer:The scarlet glow of rubies is ideally matched to the bright energy of summer. Wear them to enhance your summer outfits, whether a light dress for an evening al fresco or a sophisticated swimsuit at the beach. Ruby necklaces add a luxurious touch to your summer adventures in the bright sunshine.

In Autumn:As the leaves begin to fall, rubies complement the warm, earthy tones of autumn beautifully. Pair them with knit sweaters, cozy scarves and elegant boots to create an autumn ensemble rich in style and sophistication.

Whatever the season, ruby necklaces from Mayuri offer exceptional versatility. Their timeless brilliance and captivating tone make them pieces that transcend seasonal trends, adding a note of passion and glamour to every moment of the year. Express your unique style by wearing these magnificent gems throughout the seasons, creating a dazzling symphony of color and emotion.

When to Wear Ruby Necklaces

Ruby necklaces add an inimitable touch to any special occasion, bringing a note of passion and elegance. Here are just a few occasions when wearing a ruby necklace would be just the thing:

Elegant and formal evenings: Ruby necklaces are perfect for social evenings, galas or formal events. Their vibrant sparkle and intense color instantly attract attention, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your outfit. Whether it's an evening gown or a chic outfit, a ruby necklace can transform your look and make you stand out in style.
Romantic celebrations: Romantic occasions deserve a touch of passion, and what better way to express ardent love and inner flame than with a ruby necklace. Whether celebrating an anniversary, a marriage proposal or simply a romantic evening for two, a ruby necklace symbolizes the intensity of emotions and emotional bonds.
Weddings and Ceremonies: Ruby necklaces can be a wonderful choice for weddings, whether as bridal jewelry or as a meaningful gift. Their symbolism of passion and happiness makes them appropriate for sealing vows of eternal love. What's more, ruby's deep red color can also be associated with prosperity in some cultures.
Partiesand Festive Events : At parties and festive events, a ruby necklace can add a festive touch to your outfit. Whether celebrating festivals, anniversaries or important achievements, rubies bring positive energy and a festive aura to any occasion.
Intimate Moments for Two: Ruby necklaces can also be worn for more intimate moments for two, creating a romantic and passionate atmosphere. Whether for a special evening at home, a romantic dinner or a simple moment together, a ruby necklace can symbolize shared love and deep connection.
Religious and Traditional Ceremonies: Ruby necklaces can also be appropriate for religious ceremonies or traditional events, depending on cultural customs. Their positive significance can add a spiritual and symbolic dimension to such events.

Which jewels to match your necklace with?

Many contemporary celebrities choose ruby necklaces for their timeless elegance. Personalities who appreciate ruby necklaces are often associated with passion, determination and creativity. Rubies attract those who embrace life with intensity.

Diana, Princess of Wales: The late Princess Diana was known for her elegance and iconic style. She frequently wore jewelry encrusted with precious stones, including ruby necklaces. Perhaps one of the most memorable examples is the ruby and diamond necklace she wore to many official engagements.
Elizabeth Taylor: Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her passion for sumptuous jewelry. She owned several pieces of ruby-encrusted jewelry, including necklaces that were part of her exceptional collection.
Angelina Jolie: Actress and goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie is also known for her jewelry collection, and has been seen wearing ruby necklaces on several occasions. Her taste for gems is often highlighted at public events
Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge: The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been seen wearing ruby-encrusted jewelry on several occasions. In particular, she was photographed wearing a ruby necklace that attracted media attention.
Barbara Sinatra: The wife of the late Frank Sinatra, Barbara Sinatra, was a passionate jewelry collector. She owned a famous ruby and diamond necklace, a gift from her husband.

Ruby Jewelry and Historical Figures

Throughout history, iconic figures have worn ruby jewelry as symbols of power and prestige. Ruby jewelry has captivated historical figures through the centuries, adding a dimension of power, prestige and symbolism to their status. These precious gems were prized not only for their dazzling beauty, but also for the profound meanings they carried. Here are just a few examples of historical figures who have been associated with ruby jewelry:
Cleopatra: The legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra was known for her passion for precious stones, including rubies. She is said to have often adorned her jewelry with rubies to symbolize her power, beauty and wealth. These jewels were also considered protective talismans in ancient Egypt.
Indian Empresses and Imperators: In the history of India, rubies have played an essential role in the adornment of sovereigns. Mughal emperors and empresses, as well as other Indian rulers, wore ruby jewelry to signify their power, authority and connection with the wealth of the land.
Elizabeth I of England: Queen Elizabeth I of England was a lover of spectacular jewelry, including pieces adorned with rubies. These were often worn as a symbol of her monarchical power and exceptional stature within English royalty.
RaniPadmini: The legendary queen of Mewar, Rani Padmini, was renowned for her beauty and refinement. She is said to have worn ruby-encrusted jewels that added to her charm and distinction. These jewels were also symbols of status and prestige.
Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine: Napoleon Bonaparte gave Josephine many jewels, some of which included rubies. These stones were often associated with love and passion, reinforcing the romantic character of these precious gifts.

Thus, across the ages and cultures, ruby jewelry has been prized by influential personalities, adding a touch of splendor and symbolism to their personal histories. These gems have been handed down from generation to generation, continuing to captivate with their brilliance and historical heritage.

Care for Ruby Necklaces

Caring for ruby necklaces at Mayuri is a delicate process, aimed at preserving their eternal brilliance and guaranteeing their beauty through the years. Here are a few practical tips for caring for these exquisite gems:
Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Ruby necklaces are sensitive to harsh chemicals, such as household cleaners or perfumes. Avoid exposing them to these substances to prevent damage.
Clean with care: To clean your ruby necklace, use a soft, dry cloth. Avoid hard brushes or abrasive cloths that could scratch the ruby surface.
Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun: Rubies can lose their brilliance under prolonged exposure to the sun. When not wearing your necklace, store it in a cool, dark place.
Keep away from other jewelry: When storing ruby necklaces, make sure they are not in direct contact with other jewelry. Constant rubbing can cause unwanted scratches.
Regular check of settings: Ruby settings can loosen over time. Have your necklace checked regularly by a professional to ensure that the stones are securely set.
Professional cleaning: From time to time, consider professional cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and restore the original shine of your ruby necklace.
Occasional wear: Avoid wearing your ruby necklace during strenuous physical activity or household chores to prevent any risk of shock or abrasion.

By following these careful care tips, you can ensure that your Mayuri ruby necklace will last a lifetime and preserve its splendor for generations to come. Jewelry is a treasure to be cherished, and with the right care, your ruby necklace will continue to shine with timeless beauty.

Ruby necklaces from Mayuri

At Mayuri, we consider each ruby necklace a true work of art, crafted with meticulous care and a deep passion for craftsmanship. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every detail, from the meticulous selection of rubies to the final design, creating pieces that go beyond mere accessories to become testaments to timeless elegance.

Explore the different models

Each necklace in Mayuri's collection embodies a unique aesthetic and an elegance all its own, highlighting the splendor of rubies in the most exquisite way.

Ujala long ruby bar necklace: The "Ujala" necklace skilfully marries simplicity with sophistication. A long bar of perfectly aligned scarlet rubies creates a sleek, modern look. This necklace is ideal for those who appreciate minimalist elegance and the striking power of rubies.
Shanti ruby baguette necklace: The "Shanti" necklace features a row of baguette-cut rubies, arranged with artistic harmony. The symmetry of this design offers a classic touch, ideal for those seeking a timeless piece that evokes grace and tranquility.
Indrani princess-cut solitaire necklace: "Indrani" showcases a princess-cut ruby, framed by a precious metal case. This elegant solitaire is a statement of refinement, embodying regal beauty and sophisticated simplicity
.Devi et Prana ruby-diamond necklace: "Devi et Prana" fuses the bewitching brilliance of rubies with the timeless brilliance of diamonds. This necklace presents a perfect combination of these two precious gems, creating a harmonious balance between the passion of rubies and the brilliance of diamonds.
Baghya geometric ruby necklace: "Baghya" offers an artistic perspective with its geometric design. Creatively arranged rubies form distinct patterns, adding a modern, avant-garde dimension to this necklace.
Atma art deco ruby necklace: "Atma" draws its inspiration from the Art Deco era, with geometric lines and intricate patterns. This necklace embodies vintage glamour while remaining resolutely contemporary.
Nadi vintage ruby necklace: "Nadi" evokes a retro mood with its vintage details. The rubies, arranged in an antique style, transport the wearer to a bygone era, adding a touch of nostalgia to the collection.

Each of these ruby necklaces from Mayuri offers a unique experience, allowing everyone to find the piece that best resonates with their own aesthetic and personality. Whether for a classic, modern or retro look, the collection offers a variety of options to suit every preference.

The Quality of our Ruby Necklaces

At Mayuri, each ruby necklace is much more than a simple piece of jewelry; it's a true masterpiece, meticulously crafted with exceptional dedication to quality and elegant aesthetics. Our creative process begins with the meticulous selection of the finest rubies, chosen for their color, purity and perfect cut.
Each model in our collection is the result of a harmonious marriage of craftsmanship and contemporary design. Our highly skilled craftsmen apply traditional techniques and innovative methods to create ruby necklaces that transcend ephemeral trends, taking root in the eternity of beauty.

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