Bracelets and cuffs

Discover our selection of natural gemstone bracelets and 925th sterling silver bangles.
A feminine and delicate style for your everyday adventures.

Bracelets and cuffs

Discover our selection of natural gemstone bracelets and 925th silver bangles. A feminine and delicate style for your everyday adventures.

Bracelet in 18K Gold Vermeil set with emeralds
Bracelet in 18K Gold Vermeil set with Sapphire
Yellow Gold Ujala Sapphire Bracelet
Ujala Shanti Black Diamond Bracelet

The different types of bracelets

Braceletsbracelets, with their infinite diversity, embody a form of personal and artistic expression that adorns our wrists in a unique way. By exploring the different types of bracelets, we discover a world rich in materials, styles and meanings. Each type of bracelet carries with it a history, a tradition, or simply a particular aesthetic. From the delicacy of pearls to the robustness of leather, each bracelet contributes to shaping our style and revealing part of our identity. Let's dive into this fascinating universe where creativity intertwines with fashion, and where the choice of a bracelet becomes a personal statement.

Thin bracelets 

Fine bracelets such as our Ujala bracelets are an invitation to understated elegance and refined delicacy. Each bracelet embodies the quintessence of subtle style and exquisite craftsmanship, transporting the wearer into the sophisticated world of the Mayuri brand.

Delicacy and simplicity characterize the Ujala fine bracelet collection, highlighting lightweight creations such as a fine bracelet set with 10 gemstones forming a long bar. Classic, discreet and versatile, this bracelet blends easily with other bracelets, adding a luminous touch to your outfit. The word "Ujala", meaning light in Sanskrit, evokes warmth and optimism, activating inner well-being.

The materials used in Ujala fine bracelets are carefully selected, prioritizing quality and durability. Whether in vermeil or gold, these bracelets offer a discreet sparkle that complements your look without ever being too imposing.

Ujala fine bracelets are designed to be worn alone for minimalist elegance or to be layered, allowing infinite personalization. Whether it's a formal occasion or a casual day, this delicate jewelry is suitable for any situation.

By wearing a Ujala fine bracelet, you make a style statement with subtlety. These exquisite pieces demonstrate the brand's commitment to creating fine jewelry that transcends ephemeral trends, adding a timeless note to your jewelry collection. Explore the delicacy of the Ujala fine bracelet collection, where each piece becomes a subtle expression of your personal elegance.

Solitaire bracelets 

Solitaire bracelets like those in the Shanti collection embody pure elegance and timeless singularity. Each bracelet is a celebration of minimalist beauty, highlighting the purity of materials and the perfection of a single gemstone, creating jewels of rare sophistication.

The Shanti solitaire bracelet collection collection offers a refined selection of creations in which a single baguette-cut gemstone takes center stage. Whether it's a dazzling diamond, a deep emerald, or a captivatingly colored sapphire, each stone is meticulously chosen for its exceptional quality and ability to capture light exquisitely.

The simplicity of Shanti solitaire bracelet design offers unparalleled versatility. Whether you're looking for a subtle accessory for everyday wear or a distinctive piece for a special occasion, these solitaire bracelets lend themselves to all situations with infinite grace.

The use of precious metals such as vermeil, white gold or yellow gold underscores the natural brilliance of each gemstone. Each bracelet is designed with meticulous attention to detail, testifying to the Shanti brand's commitment to excellence and the art of jewelry-making.

Wearing a solitaire bracelet goes beyond adornment; it's wearing a piece that embodies the very essence of elegant simplicity. Explore the Shanti collection of solitaire bracelets, where each creation is a minimalist style statement, a subtle declaration of refinement and timeless beauty.

Shanti Baguette Ruby Bracelet

Closed-set bracelets 

The close-set bracelets in the Dhanya collection are a perfect fusion of timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. Each bracelet is a delicate work of art in which carefully selected gemstones are set with meticulous precision, creating jewels that captivate with their brilliance and refinement.

Dhanya's collection of close-set bracelets collection presents a variety of creations that combine the subtlety of design with the splendor of gemstones. Each piece features a closed setting, a technique that delicately frames each stone to reveal its full beauty without distraction. This technique prevents snagging and prevents the gemstones from loosening.

Whether it's a bracelet adorned with sparkling diamonds, vibrant sapphires, or dazzling emeralds, each stone is chosen for its exceptional quality and unique brilliance. Dhanya's close-set bracelets add a sophisticated touch to any outfit, whether for a formal occasion or a special day.

The precious metals used, such as white or yellow gold, perfectly complement the brilliance of the stones, adding a touch of luxury to each creation. Every detail is carefully crafted, testifying to the Dhanya brand's commitment to excellence and the creation of jewelry of exceptional quality.

When you wear a Dhanya close-set bracelet, you're wearing more than just an accessory; you're wearing a piece that embodies the perfect harmony between the delicacy of the design and the dazzling brilliance of the gemstones.

Explore Dhanya's collection of close-set bracelets, where each creation is a statement of style and elegance, capturing the timeless radiance of precious moments.

Tennis wristbands 

The bracelets in the Ganga collection embody sporty elegance and casual sophistication, transcending traditional norms. Each piece seamlessly fuses the dynamics of tennis with the refined sparkle of jewelry, creating contemporary, versatile pieces that stand out with style.

Each bracelet features a meticulous inlay of gemstones along its entire length, creating a fluid, harmonious aesthetic.

It's important to note that the term "tennis bracelet" refers to a bracelet set with gemstones along its entire length, in connection with a female tennis player who popularized this style during her matches. However, these jewels are in no way intended to be worn during tennis sessions.

The 18-carat gold used to manufacture of Ganga tennis braceletstennis bracelets guarantees a perfect blend of quality and durability. Every detail, from the meticulous selection of stones to the impeccable finishing, reflects the brand's absolute commitment to jewelry excellence.

When you wear a tennis bracelet from the Ganga collection, you're wearing a piece of jewelry that perfectly embodies sophistication. Explore this fine jewelry collection where each creation represents timeless elegance.

Diamond tennis bracelet

Ruby bracelets

With their bewitching brilliance and deep color, ruby bracelets embody an exquisite form of timeless elegance. A member of the corundum family, the ruby gemstone has been revered since antiquity for its intense red hue. When meticulously cut and set in bracelets, it becomes the protagonist of a piece that goes far beyond simple jewelry to become a captivating masterpiece.

These ruby-encrusted bracelets don't just add a touch of luxury to your wrist; they tell a story rich in mythology, culture and symbolism. The ancients attributed mystical powers to rubies, believing them to confer strength and courage on the wearer. Even today, these bracelets continue to embody ardent love and passionate radiance.

Designs from classic to contemporary offer an infinite range of options, to suit both formal and casual wear. From delicate bracelets adorned with cluster-set rubies to bolder creations with cabochon-cut stones, each piece captures the intrinsic beauty of ruby.

Beyond their dazzling aesthetics, these ruby bracelets can also become family heirlooms, passing on the timeless splendor of these precious gems from generation to generation. Whether to celebrate a special occasion, express deep love, or simply to add a touch of luxury to your everyday life, ruby bracelets remain an exquisite choice that transcends time. When you wear them, you're immersed in the tradition, passion and unparalleled splendor of rubies, making every moment a celebration of timeless beauty.

Sapphire bracelets

Evoking regal elegance, sapphire bracelets capture the rich history and timeless splendor of these exceptional gemstones. The deep, bewitching blue hues of sapphires have always been associated with royalty and nobility, symbolizing wisdom, loyalty and protection.

Much more than mere adornment, sapphire bracelets are style statements that transcend fleeting trends. Fashioned with meticulous craftsmanship by skilled artisans, these gems choose sapphires of exceptional quality to create pieces that illuminate the wearer's wrist.

Whether in white, yellow or rose gold settings, sapphire bracelets offer a diversity of styles, from classic designs to contemporary creations. From princess-cut sapphires to shimmering cabochons, each stone is meticulously selected for color, clarity and cut, creating eye-catching bracelets that tell a story of timeless elegance.

Going beyond their visual beauty, sapphire bracelets also carry profound meanings. Traditionally regarded as protective talismans, sapphires are reputed to bring inner peace and clarity of mind to those who wear them. As a result, these sapphire bracelets become much more than mere accessories, but precious companions in everyday life.

Whether to mark a special celebration, express immeasurable love or simply to surround oneself with the splendor of sapphires, these bracelets are investments in art and history. When you wear them, you carry with you the heritage of sapphires, symbols of timeless elegance transcending generations, lighting the way to a beauty that endures over time.

Emerald bracelets

True jewels of nature, emerald bracelets embody exquisite lushness and timeless elegance. The enchanting green color of emeralds evokes lush landscapes and hidden treasures, giving these jewels a mystical aura and unrivaled charm.

Every story aboutan emerald bracelet is unique, capturing the rare beauty of these precious stones prized since antiquity. Skilled craftsmen carefully select emeralds of exceptional purity, working each piece to create bracelets that transcend ephemeral trends to become true works of art.

Associated with wisdom and spiritual growth, emeralds give bracelets profound meaning. Known to symbolize rebirth and vitality, these stones add a spiritual dimension to every creation. Frames, whether in white, yellow or platinum gold, are designed to highlight the vibrant color and hypnotic transparency of emeralds.

Emerald bracelets go beyond wrist adornment, embodying classic, timeless elegance. From delicate designs to bolder styles, each bracelet is a statement of refinement and taste. Varying shades of green offer exceptional versatility, allowing these bracelets to complement casual attire as well as sophisticated evening dress.

Wearing an emerald bracelet goes beyond aesthetics; it's embracing a philosophy of life that celebrates the beauty of nature and the rarity of earthly treasures. These jewels become heirloom pieces, passed down from generation to generation, carrying with them the legacy of eternal admiration for the green splendor of emeralds. By wearing an emerald bracelet, one surrounds oneself with an aura of natural luxury and sophistication that endures through the centuries.

Diamond bracelets

Bracelets adorned with diamonds represent the pinnacle of elegance and luxury, capturing the dazzling light of these exceptional gems to create pieces that define grandeur and timelessness. Diamonds, symbols of eternity and purity, transcend ephemeral fashions to become jewels that endure through the ages.

Each diamond bracelet is a meticulously crafted work of art, where the quality of the diamonds chosen, their cut, color and purity are meticulously considered. Talented craftsmen shape these bracelets to capture the quintessential brilliance of diamonds, creating pieces that dazzle and enchant.

From the classic bangle diamond-paved bracelet to the diamond-set link bracelet, each design reflects a distinct aesthetic, ranging from subtle elegance to opulent extravagance. These diamond bracelets are not just accessories, but statements of style and sophistication, underlining the uniqueness and brilliance of the wearer.

Beyond their outward brilliance, diamond bracelets carry a profound meaning. Symbols of eternal love and commitment, they are often chosen to celebrate memorable moments in life such as engagements, anniversaries and exceptional achievements. Choosing a bracelet adorned with diamonds means investing in timeless beauty and permanence, making each piece an expression of the infinite and the indefectible.

Diamonds, with their unrivalled rarity and brilliance, lend bracelets a majestic aura. They transcend generations, becoming heirlooms lovingly handed down from mother to daughter, father to son. By wearing a bracelet adorned with diamonds, we celebrate not only the dazzling splendor of these gems, but also the timeless heritage they represent, uniting past, present and future in a scintillating embrace of eternity.

Black diamond bracelets

Black diamond bracelets represent a bold fusion between the timeless elegance of diamonds and the contemporary audacity of deep black. These captivating jewels transcend convention to create a unique aesthetic, marrying the rarity of diamonds with the mysterious sophistication of black.

Each black diamond bracelet tells a story of innovation and avant-garde style. The exceptionally rare black diamonds add a touch of mystery and originality to these creations, creating a striking contrast between the darkness of black and the characteristic luminosity of diamonds.

The craftsmen who design these bracelets demonstrate exceptional mastery, choosing black diamonds with deep nuances and subtle brilliance. The combination of these unique gems with precious metals creates pieces that transcend ephemeral trends, offering elegance that endures over time.

From delicate chain bracelets to imposing cuff bracelets, the designs of black diamond bracelets vary, offering options for every taste. These deliciously dark jewels are perfect for those looking to make a bold statement while remaining rooted in sophistication.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, black diamond bracelets carry a distinctive meaning. They represent strength, resilience and uniqueness, symbolizing the ability to shine even in the darkest of times. Chosen to express an avant-garde style or to celebrate a special occasion, these bracelets become conversational pieces that attract attention and inspire admiration.

Wearing a black diamond bracelet embraces an aesthetic that transcends convention, creating a harmony between classic sophistication and modern audacity. These unique jewels invite wearers to explore their own individuality, celebrate their originality and express their style in a way that goes beyond traditional jewelry standards.

Dhanya Sapphire Bracelet

When to wear bracelets?

Bracelets are versatile accessories that can be worn for a variety of occasions, adding a touch of elegance, personality or casualness to your outfit. Here are a few occasions to wear bracelets and the steps to choosing the perfect bracelet:

1) Everyday : For everyday wear, choose simple, lightweight bracelets. Thin silver or gold bracelets are perfect for a touch of everyday sophistication.

2) Professional : For professional wear, opt for bracelets that complement your professional attire. Delicate bracelets can add a subtle note of elegance to the professional environment.

3) Formal events: For your formal events, choose elaborate bracelets that complement your evening dress. Closed-set bracelets or diamond bracelets can be elegant choices for formal occasions.

4) Special celebrations: For a special celebration, such as a birthday, wedding or family get-together: opt for meaningful or personalized bracelets. Engraved bracelets or special symbols can be perfect for unique moments.

5) Casual occasions: For a casual occasion, choose casual bracelets such as our tennis bracelets.

6) Sports activities : We do not recommend wearing bracelets during sports activities. They should be removed and stored carefully to avoid snags and prevent sweat from oxidizing your silver bracelets.

Whatever the occasion, bracelets can be versatile accessories that express your personal style and add a unique dimension to your outfit. Take into account the nature of the event, your own style and the level of formality to choose the perfect bracelet for each occasion.

Custom bracelets

By embracing the opportunity to create a bespoke bracelet, you bring to life a piece that's much more than a simple accessory; it's a personalized expression of your style, your history and your precious moments. This adventure begins with the design, where every detail, from material to style, color to detail, is meticulously chosen to make your bracelet truly unique.

The made-to-measure process offers infinite creative freedom, allowing the addition of personalized engravings, meaningful symbols, even gemstones representing important moments in your life. In this way, your bracelet becomes an emotional work of art, a constant reminder of your experiences, dreams and relationships.

Skilled craftsmen step in once the design is finalized, bringing your vision to life with meticulous care. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the meticulous finishing, is treated with the utmost care. The result is a bespoke bracelet that goes beyond adornment, becoming an extension of your identity and personal story.

These customized bracelets don't just fit perfectly on your wrist; they integrate harmoniously into your daily life. Whether it's an unforgettable personalized gift or a luxury you treat yourself to, a made-to-measure bracelet becomes more than just a fashion accessory; it becomes a legacy, a tangible symbol of your uniqueness in the world of jewelry.

Mayuri bracelets

Mayuri's bracelet collection offers a diverse range, from delicate creations to more imposing pieces, suitable for all occasions and styles. Each bracelet is designed to capture the brilliance of precious materials and carefully selected stones, creating jewelry that transcends the ephemeral to become timeless pieces.

Whether you're looking for a delicate bracelet for everyday wear, a bracelet adorned with precious stones for special moments, or a bold creation to express your unique style, Mayuri's collection offers a variety of choices that celebrate diverse tastes.

Mayuri artisans pay particular attention to the selection of materials, using precious metals such as fine gold and sterling silver to ensure the durability and superior quality of each piece. Refined details and impeccable finishing testify to a commitment to excellence and a desire to create bracelets that become treasured heirlooms.

Wearing a Mayuri bracelet is more than a fashion accessory; it's wearing a piece that embodies grace, elegance and authenticity. Mayuri's bracelet collection embodies the exquisite art of jewelry-making, skilfully fusing creativity, elegance and exceptional quality. Each bracelet is a meticulously crafted work of art, bearing the distinctive imprint of the passion and craftsmanship that characterize the Mayuri brand.

Discover the world of Mayuri bracelets, where each creation bears witness to a commitment to creating jewelry that tells stories, captivates the eye and becomes a timeless companion to your distinctive style.

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