Emerald bracelet

In Mayuri's collection, an emerald bracelet stands out for its unique brilliance. Each of these rare stones tells a story, capturing the very essence of nature in all its purity.

When this bracelet caresses the wrist, it evokes the power of nature and the renewal of life, reminding us that beauty is often found in the simplest things.

The Mayuri Emerald Bracelet is a timeless work of art that depicts natural splendor with unparalleled elegance.

Ujala Shanti Emerald Bracelet

Emerald bracelets

Emeralds, with their unique verdant color and timeless beauty, have long been associated with elegance and sophistication. Emerald bracelets captivate jewelry lovers the world over with their lush brilliance and undeniable appeal. We explore the world of emerald bracelets, highlighting their history, symbolic significance, different varieties and why they remain a popular choice among jewelry lovers.

Shanti Emerald Baguette Bracelet
Emerald Dhanya bracelet
Shanti Emerald Bracelet
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The Charm of our Emerald Bracelets

Emeralds, with their deep, vibrant green, exude a bewitching charm that has fascinated jewelry lovers for centuries. At Mayuri, we've created a collection of emerald bracelets that capture the essence of this rare gemstone. Each bracelet tells a story of natural beauty, timeless elegance and sophistication.

Discover how our emerald jewelry invite you to explore the unique charm of this precious stone, where each bracelet is a declaration of love to nature and a passion for fine jewelry.

Explore our Emerald Bracelets

Immerse yourself in a world of natural beauty and sophistication with our emerald bracelets. Let yourself be seduced by the unparalleled charm of emerald and discover how our jewelry embodies pure elegance at Mayuri.

Emerald bracelets for every style

At Mayuri, our collection of emerald bracelets offers a range of styles to suit all tastes. Discover our range, which includes:

Fine bracelets such as Ujala: These delicate jewels are characterized by their discretion and elegance. Perfect for an everyday touch of refinement.

Solitaire bracelets such as Shanti: These bracelets showcase a single emerald, capturing the very essence of the gemstone. They add a timeless elegance to your style.

Bezel bracelets like Dhanya, in the image of our creations: These bracelets feature emeralds surrounded by metal, creating a closed-setting effect that enhances the stone while adding a touch of modernity.

Tennis bracelets like Ganga: These classic pieces feature a continuous line of emeralds, offering timeless beauty and unparalleled sparkle to your wrist.

Explore our collection to find the emerald bracelet that perfectly matches your style, whether understated, sophisticated, modern or classic.

Custom-made emerald bracelets

At Mayuri, we understand that your style is as unique as you are. That's why we offer you the opportunity to create bespoke emerald bracelets that meet all your specifications. Whether you'd like to personalize one of our existing designs or create an entirely original piece, our team of fine jewelry experts is here to bring your vision to life. Explore how our made-to-measure service enables you to design an emerald bracelet that is a true extension of your personal style, a piece of fine jewelry that reflects you.

The Gemmated History of Mayuri Emerald Bracelets

Once upon a time, in the depths of the Earth, the most precious emeralds were formed. These deep-green gems were the result of natural alchemy, where centuries of pressure and heat forged these treasures of nature. Ancient civilizations already celebrated the beauty of emeralds, regarding them as sacred stones, bearers of wisdom and power. Over the centuries, emeralds have been fashioned into sumptuous jewels, transmitting their brilliance through time. At Mayuri, we draw inspiration from this long and rich history to create our emerald bracelets. Each stone is carefully chosen for its brilliance and color, then meticulously cut to reveal its inner beauty.

The refinement of Haute Joaillerie

Our collection of emerald bracelets is synonymous with refinement, elegance and exceptional AAA quality. Each emerald we use is carefully selected for its brilliant color and purity, then meticulously cut to reveal its full splendor.

Dhanya Emerald Silver Bracelet

Look good with our Mayuri emerald bracelets

Take your elegance to a whole new level with our emerald bracelets. At Mayuri, we celebrate the natural beauty of this precious stone by creating jewelry that will make you shine. Immerse yourself in a world of sophistication and refinement, where each bracelet is a statement of personal elegance. Explore our collection and discover how our emerald bracelets add a touch of excellence to your style.

Emerald bracelets for all tastes and styles

Mayuri emerald bracelets are designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of jewelry lovers. Here's who can wear our emerald bracelets:

1) Lovers of Classics: Our timeless emerald bracelets, such as the Ujala model, are suitable for those who prefer a classic, elegant style.
2) Lovers of Singularity: If you're looking for a unique, eye-catching piece of jewelry, our bold emerald bracelets like Ganga are perfect for you.
3) Lovers of Refinement: Those looking for subtle, sophisticated jewelry can opt for a solitaire bracelet like Shanti.
4) Anyone who appreciates Natural Beauty: If you love the beauty of emeralds, our emerald bracelets are designed for you, whether you're looking for jewelry for everyday wear or special occasions.

At Mayuri, our goal is to make the beauty of emeralds accessible to everyone, no matter your style or preferences. Explore our diverse collection and find the emerald bracelet that matches your personality and unique style.

Seasonal Emerald Bracelets

Mayuri emerald bracelets are the perfect expression of the natural beauty that changes with the seasons. Here's how our emerald bracelets adapt to each season:
Spring: The fresh sparkle of emeralds evokes the rebirth of nature in spring. Wear an emerald bracelet to add a touch of greenery to your spring outfit.
Summer: Emeralds sparkle in the summer sun, capturing the light and warmth of the season. Pair your emerald bracelet with summer outfits for a fresh, dazzling glow.
Autumn: Nature's autumn colors blend perfectly with the depth of emerald green. Wear an emerald bracelet to complete your autumn wardrobe.
Winter: Emeralds bring a touch of richness and warmth to the winter season. An emerald bracelet is the perfect complement to your festive outfits.

Whatever the season, Mayuri emerald bracelets add a touch of refinement to your style, reflecting the changing beauty of nature throughout the year.

The Virtues of Emerald Bracelets

Mayuri emerald bracelets go beyond their captivating beauty. Here are just a few of the virtues associated with these magnificent jewels:

1) Soothing the Body and Mind: Emeralds are renowned for their soothing power, helping to calm emotions and reduce stress.
2) Mental Clarity: Emeralds promote mental clarity, aiding concentration and decision-making.
3) Personal Growth: They are also associated with personal growth and self-confidence, encouraging personal development.
4) Physical Healing: Emeralds are renowned for their healing properties, promoting physical health.
5) Spiritual Balance: They help balance the heart chakra, promoting inner peace and spiritual harmony.

Mayuri emerald bracelets are more than just jewelry, they are talismans of well-being and upliftment. Wear them to benefit from their virtues while adding a touch of elegance to your everyday life.

Shanti Ring Bracelet Ujala Emerald

Élégance Verte: Personalities who shine with Emerald Bracelets

Emeralds have always fascinated and inspired influential personalities the world over. Their mesmerizing beauty and powerful symbolism make them a favorite choice for those who wish to distinguish themselves through elegance and refinement. In this article, we explore the personalities who have chosen Mayuri emerald bracelets to sublimate their style and make an unforgettable fashion statement.

Personalities and their Emerald Bracelets

Emeralds, gemstones of unparalleled beauty, have captured the attention of celebrities the world over. Discover how these eminent figures proudly wear their emerald bracelets, adding a touch of luxury to their unique style. Here are just a few celebrities who have been seduced by the charm of emeralds:
1) Amal Clooney : The lawyer and human rights activist is a paragon of style, and her emerald bracelets are an integral part of her refined look.
2) Jackie Kennedy: The former First Lady of the United States was renowned for her collection of emerald jewelry, including a sparkling bracelet that has become part of her legendary legacy.
3) Mila Kunis: The star of "Black Swan" is another celebrity who has been seduced by the beauty of emeralds, including bracelets.
4) Princess Eugenie: The member of the British royal family has been seen wearing an emerald bracelet at royal ceremonies.
5) Beyoncé: The queen of pop music likes to add a touch of green to her look with emerald bracelets.

These renowned personalities shine brightly with their emerald bracelets, proving that these green gems continue to inspire admiration and appeal, even among the world's most prominent personalities.

Historical figures and their Emerald bracelets

Throughout the ages, many historical figures have been fascinated by the timeless beauty of emeralds, incorporating them into their finery to symbolize power, wealth and grandeur. Discover how these historical figures proudly sported their emerald bracelets, marking their place in history. Here are just some of the historical figures who have been associated with emeralds:

1) Napoleon Bonaparte: The French emperor was a lover of emerald jewelry, often seen wearing bracelets encrusted with these precious stones.
2) Shah Jahan: The Mughal emperor is famous for commissioning the construction of the Taj Mahal in honor of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, for whom he commissioned sumptuous emerald jewelry, including bracelets.
3) Clara Barton: The founder of the American Red Cross was famous for her humanitarian efforts, but she also wore emerald jewelry with elegance.
4) Rani Padmini: The legendary queen of Rajputana was renowned for her beauty and passion for emerald jewelry, which she wore with grace.
5) Louis XIV : The Sun King of France was also a lover of emerald jewelry, including bracelets, adding a regal touch to his appearance.

These historical figures left an indelible mark on history, while demonstrating their love for emeralds through their bracelets and finery, symbols of prestige and grandeur.

Emerald bracelets: How to keep them sparkling

Emerald bracelets, sparkling and majestic, are true treasures of nature. However, to preserve their brilliance and beauty over time, it's essential to take good care of these precious stones. In this article, we'll explore the secrets to maintaining and keeping your emerald bracelets as dazzling as on day one.

Caring for Your Emerald Bracelets: The Secrets of Elegance

Emerald bracelets are jewelry pieces of rare elegance, but to preserve their beauty and splendour, it's imperative to follow a set of essential steps. Emeralds are relatively fragile gems compared to sapphires, rubies and diamonds, so you need to handle your emerald bracelets with the utmost care. Here are the key steps to ensuring the longevity of your emerald bracelets:

1) Avoid contact with chemicals: Emeralds are sensitive to many chemicals, so avoid contact with products such as perfumes, lotions or household cleaners that could damage the stone.

2) Regular, gentle cleaning: Gently clean your emerald bracelets with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid hard brushes or abrasive cleaners that could scratch the surface of the stone.

3) Proper storage: Keep your emerald bracelets separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching. Ideally, place them in a case lined with soft cloth to protect them from humidity and direct sunlight.

4) Avoid shocks: Emeralds are relatively fragile, so avoid violent shocks that could cause cracks or splinters.

5) Avoid high temperatures: Emeralds are sensitive to heat, so avoid wearing your emerald bracelets if you are regularly in contact with high temperatures, for example when inserting your hands into the oven.

By following these steps, you will be able to preserve the brilliance and elegance of your emerald bracelets, making these precious stones a true statement of refinement that will last a lifetime.

Emerald Long Bar Bracelets

Acquiring Emerald Elegance: Your Experience at Mayuri

At Mayuri, we understand that elegance transcends time and that each piece of emerald jewelry is a timeless work of art. We invite you to plunge into a world of elegance and beauty, where sparkling emeralds are showcased with unparalleled artistry.

The Elegance of Emerald Bracelets: Discover our Mayuri Collection

At Mayuri, we are proud to present an exceptional collection of emerald bracelets, symbols of refinement and timeless beauty. Each of our creations embodies elegance and grace, highlighting the natural splendor of these precious stones. Explore our range of carefully crafted emerald bracelets, from classic designs to contemporary creations.

L'Élégance Personnalisée: Your Customer Experience by ordering an emerald bracelet

With us, elegance is more than just an appearance, it's also a bespoke experience. When you order an emerald bracelet, we're committed to offering you much more than just a piece of jewelry. We invite you to discover how our personalized approach transcends traditional jewelry expectations. Whether it's a unique design, a specific stone cut or bespoke details, we do our utmost to make your shopping experience an unforgettable journey into personalized elegance.

Genuine Emerald Bracelets : Our Certification Commitment

For us, quality and authenticity are fundamental pillars of our commitment to our customers. When you choose our emerald bracelets, you can be assured of the provenance and purity of each gemstone. With our commitment to certification, we pledge to make your purchase an experience of elegance and trust.

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