Eligibility for payment in three instalments

For any purchase over 100€ and under 2000€, you can pay your order in three instalments.
NB: Our operator Alma uses financial algorithms to determine your creditworthiness and can refuse a transaction if it considers your ability to repay risky.

How do I use the three-payment option?

To be able to make your payment in three installments, please select the Alma payment option at checkout and fill in your payment information. Your monthly payments will be calculated automatically at this stage.

What are the different steps of the three-step payment process?

You pay the 1st third at the time of purchase and will receive your item between 24 and 72 hours after depending on the delivery method chosen and the date and time of your order (see: deliveries and returns). The second part of your payment will be debited the following month, then the remaining three months after the date of your purchase.

What happens if there are returns?

In case of returns, you will be refunded your first payment and will not be charged for your next monthly payments. The refund includes the processing fee.

What is the cost of paying in three installments?

This method of payment incurs a handling fee of 1.55% on the total amount of your basket.