Payment in cryptocurrency

Pay for jewelry with cryptocurrency

Mayuri is proud to be among the first online jewelry brands to accept cryptocurrency payments via its partner Bitpay.

How do I pay with cryptocurrency?

To make your payment in cryptocurrency, once you have added your jewelry to the shopping cart, please select the Bitpay payment option at checkout and log in to your Bitpay account. You will then have access to the barcode enabling you to make the payment.

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted?

We're delighted to announce that we now accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies for your purchases.

Here are all the cryptocurrencies currently accepted via our partner Bitpay:

-Bitcoin cash
-Wrapped Bitcoin
-Binance USD
-Gemini Dollar
-Pax Dollar

What happens if there are returns?

In case of returns, you will be refunded the original amount in EUR of your order directly to your Bitpay wallet.

What are the costs of paying with cryptocurrency?

This payment method does not include any additional charges on your order.